What are our Weight Loss Programs?

These 10-Week Weight Loss Programs will be held quarterly or every 3 months to help you stay in shape, grow on what you have learned, maintain a lifestyle change in weight management, and if needed, to continue your weight loss journey. The Y’s Weight Loss Programs are geared to make weight loss easier in a group than going through it alonePrograms make the biggest difference when it comes to long-term successJoin us!

What is included in each 10-Week Program?

 1. Weekly Weigh Ins by Individual Appointment or Group Session on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm.

2. Weekly Healthy Living Education
3. Constant Staff Support and Accountability

Our Weight Loss Programs Coach & Trainer

Tammy Cowden-Maloney – Downtown Y Branch

Tammy earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics followed with a certification by NASM as a Nutrition Coach. Most recently she completed a certification with the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists as a Lifestyle Coach. Her passion is helping people realize the power of good nutrition and how a healthy diet increases energy levels, restores ideal body weight, and even preserves the environment. Tammy’s Y career began in Nashville, TN and she used to manage our Y Cochranton Branch! Tammy is thrilled to come home to her roots and join up with the Meadville Y again as she has been with us for over 13 years!


Healthy Beginnings (Jan 17th - March 27th)

10 Week Teaching Topics

Week 1: Better Nutrition in the New Year: Setting Yourself Up for Success
Week 2: Workouts: What do they look like? How often, etc.
Week 3: Take a Serious Look at the Mediterranean and D.A.S.H. Diets & Why
Week 4: Group Fitness Classes at the Y. The Benefits of Being a Member.
Week 5: How to Make Recipes Healthier (Bring in your favorite recipe for a makeover!)
Week 6: Halfway Thru Your Challenge – How are you doing? Q & A?
Week 7: Should Women Weight Train Differently Than Men?
Week 8: H.I.I.T. – More Bang for Your Buck
Week 9: Hydration. How is that Water Intake Going?
Week 10: Final Weigh-ins and Celebration!!

Shake Off the Excess 10-Week Teaching Topics

10 Week Teaching Topics

Week 1: Safe & Great Ways to Get Started for Your Next 10 Weeks.
Week 2: Is There a Best Time of Day to Work Out?
Week 3: Is Spot Reduction Real or Possible?
Week 4: Sleep – Optimal Still 8 Hours?
Week 5: How Best to Refuel After a Workout.
Week 6: Halfway Thru Your Challenge – How are you doing? Q & A?
Week 7: Making Time for Exercise.
Week 8: What Are the Best Fitness Trackers? Should I Invest in One?
Week 9: Protein: What You Need to Know
Week 10: Final Weigh-ins and Celebration!!

Additional Question or Concerns

Tammy Cowden-Maloney

Membership Retention & Food Program Coordinator

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 814-336-2196